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Nanoe launches metal and ceramic 3D printing system at Formnext


Nanoe is launching Zetaprint system, the first metal and ceramic desktop 3D printing system at Formnext, along with a new Stainless steel 316L Zetamix filament. Zetamix filaments are constituted of a polymer matrix and a ceramic or metal powder, which can be used in any FDM 3D printer. The 3D printed shape is afterwards debinded and sintered in order to obtain a high density part. Nanoe is also launching a complete line of adapted FDM 3D printer, debinding vessel and sintering furnace, at 10 000 Euros.
Zetamix filament are now available for ceramics in alumina, zirconia, and ZTA, and for metal in stainless steel 316L. Other materials are in development, such as SiC, WC-Co, titanium and inconel.
Come and meet our team at Formnext. We will show you the zetaprint system and explain the full process of printing, debinding and sintering with our zetamix raw materias. Hall 3.0 booth #A74

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